Support Us

Running a learning environment dedicated to the learning of technology, engineering and advanced fabrication processes can get a bit expensive…

We are attempting to reach out to our community and parents to help us fund three basic needs:

  1. Materials for student projects.
  2. New equipment to advance our program or replace old equipment.
  3. Upgrade our facility.

We have been successful in teaming up with both Donors Choose and WeAreSR to help support these goals.

We are currently looking for funding for new robotics controllers. Please help sponsor one of our robotics teams by donating to our Robotics Brains Project!

We continue to develop a support network and this page will be updated with more information soon, so please visit our Donors Choose page or contact WeAreSR to make a donation. In the meantime, you are always welcome to contact us by either leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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