Set 1 Courses

These courses are typically taken during the student’s freshman year when they are required to take the Physics of the Universe (Phun) Course. Any student, however, who needs to take Phun can take these dual courses instead.

Physics of the Universe – AET

This course is an introduction to the scientific models involved in the formation and inner workings of our universe. Students take this course during their freshman instead of the traditional Physics of the Universe course offered by the science department. This course will focus heavily on engineering and pairs with the Introduction to Engineering and Design course.

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Students will learn about the engineering process and be introduced to professional level design tools for computer aided drafting (CAD). Fabrication tools and processes will be introduced with an emphasis on safety. Knowledge of different materials and applications will be investigated throughout the year. Students will be expected to communicate and critique in a collaborative environment.

Projects During This Year

The Rocket Project

The Bridge Project 

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