Year 2 Courses

Advanced Placement Physics 1

This course is an introduction to the scientific models involved in much of mechanical engineering. In this course, students will begin by looking at a series of models that will help them describe and understand linear motion in either one or two dimensions. Students will then learn a series of causal models that will give them the ability to predict the behavior of simple mechanical systems. Finally, students will learn conservation laws (energy and momentum) and learn to solve problems using these unifying principles.

College Credit Available for this Course!

Engineering of Mechanical Systems

This course continues the previous year’s curriculum, deepening the students’ knowledge of fabrication techniques with metal, wood, and plastic. Students will be taught to use advanced fabrication tools such as a CNC mill, table saws, and a lathe. Students will also dive into the world of coding using an online simulator called Tychos and further develop their Fusion 360 (Computer-Aided Drafting) skills.

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