Year 2 Courses

Advanced Placement Physics

Students begin the course by reviewing the mechanics models developed in the previous year, and we begin extending those models to more complex systems requiring more advanced mathematical analysis. We move from linear particle models to rigid extended body models for describing rotational and oscillating dynamics. We also begin to develop the concepts of field and potential as we incorporate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces into our studies. Students will learn about energy flow in electrical systems (circuits) and how energy moves through mater and space as a wave.

Engineering Design 2

This course continues the previous year’s curriculum, deepening the students knowledge of fabrication techniques with metal, wood, and plastic. Students will be expected to use advanced fabrication tools such as a CNC mill, laser cutter, and 3D printers. Students will also learn to design, test and fabricate electronic devices including robotic systems. In this year of the program, students will also be expected to learn some basic coding using the Arduino microcontroller.

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