Set 3 Courses

Engineering of Electrical Systems

Students take the second half of the AP Physics curriculum. This is an algebra-based course that studies fluids, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and nuclear physics. Students will approach these topics with detailed, hands-on labs. This class promoted critical thinking, ensuring that a student will obtain and retain information better than if they just read a textbook.

Students can earn college credit from this course!

(1) Currently: Students can opt to take the AP Physics 2 exam and will receive additional support during the year.

(2) In progress: Students can take a test at the end of the year and earn college credit from College of Marin.

Engineering and Design 2

The students will apply what they are learning in AP Physics 2 to the construction and design of electrical systems. In the past, students have used fabrication tools to construct a robot that is programmed to move effectively through a maze, a solar-powered hotdog cooker that can track sunlight to best cook a sausage of choice, and motors that are powered by laser-cut gear systems.


The Robot Project

Solar-Powered Dragster

Solar-Powered Hotdog Cooker