We Have Lift Off!

  This is a follow up post to Modeling A Rocket’s Journey – A Synthesis where I described how the students in the first year program were engaged in creating a predictive report for their model rockets. I want to emphasize that these model rockets were not kits. Each rocket was designed using 3D CADContinue reading “We Have Lift Off!”

Deploying The Constant Velocity Particle Model

Proof is In The Deployment (Prediction) This week the first year Academy students put their knowledge to the test. One of the key elements of the modeling pedagogy is that students are given a chance to test their predictive powers using the model that they have built. This stage of the modeling cycle is calledContinue reading “Deploying The Constant Velocity Particle Model”

First Year Students Begin Learning About Constant Velocity Particles

And The White Boarding Begins We are off to a great start with our new students. They did an exceptional job tackling our first observational “lab” (the Buggy Lab without motion detectors), and they got the hang of white boarding pretty quickly. As can be expected, some students were very quiet, but many participated inContinue reading “First Year Students Begin Learning About Constant Velocity Particles”